History and description

The Záhorie Gallery  was founded in 1984 as a regional specialized workplace for documenting and exhibiting fine art connected with the Záhorie – or Tramontane Region. The gallery is housed in a late-Baroque storeyed manor at Senica from 1760, with a gable roof and an impressive entrance portal, allegedly built according to the design by the Vienna architect F. A. Hillebrandt in a park of which only a minor part has been preserved.

Art collections for the intendent gallery began to be collected in the Zahorie Museum at Skalica from the mid-60s. Today, the gallery´s fund counts 3 127 works of art. The Záhorie Gallery has no permanent exposition.  Irregularly organizes a Summer Exhibition under the slogan Záhorie Artists, made up of the best works.

The Záhorie Gallery offers lector services to visiting groups, it notified beforehand, sale of catalogues, postcards, etc. It publishes the results of its research activity in the series The Záhorie Artists (since 1985 - 45 volumes). Since 1992 it organizes an all-Slovakia Triennial of works by pupils of the art school „Talents“.



The Záhorie Gallery doesn´t have its own permanent exposition, but provides curatorial  and scientific assistance to the Július Koreszka Gallery with the permanent exposition of Mr. Koreszka´s work in Záhorie Museum Skalica, founded in 1991, concept by Mgr. B. Juríčková. This exposition was re-installed in 2005 for the occasion of 100th anniversary of the museum.  Gallery of Koreszka´s  art in Záhorie Museum Skalica consists of 31 landscape oil paintings and 12 drawings with Skalica and Záhorie subjects from the gallery´s collection.


Entrance fee

Adults - 1,00 EUR

Children, students, pensioners - 0,50 EUR